Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Newborn Session Q&A

When should we contact you to book a newborn session?
 I will always do my very best to accommodate every newborn inquiry but I may not be able to guarantee an opening if I am not contacted in advance.  It is best to contact me sometime in your second trimester (ideally around 20 weeks) if you are interested in having a newborn session booked. This allows for me to note your due date and to allow sufficient availability around that time frame for your session.

How will we know when to schedule our newborn session?
Hopefully, we have been in touch during your pregnancy and I will have had your due date notated in the calendar. Once your baby decides to make his or her arrival, you will contact me via phone, email, or text to let me know the happy news. After a few days, I will be in touch with the family so that we can decide and narrow down a date and time for their session. The session will be booked when your baby is between 5-10 days of age.I will also ask that you watch for your baby's sleepy times during the first several days and we will try to schedule the session just before this time. We will also want to schedule the session around your baby's feeding schedule. It is best that we start the session just after your baby's feeding.

At what age is the best time to schedule a newborn session?
The ideal age to schedule your newborn session is between 5-10 days. This is a very important time frame as your baby will still be sleepy, squishy, and cooperative in order to acheive the portraiture that you see in my portfolio :) It is preferred to schedule the session no later than 2 weeks of age, however, there are always exceptions. The older your baby gets, the more awake and alert they will become. They will also enjoy stretching out as they realize they are not in your womb any longer and they have all the room they desire.

What can we expect during our newborn session?
It is best that we start the session with your baby well fed. Typically upon arrival, I will have you strip your baby down to a diaper and wrap them up in a blanket for warmth and have you feed them. Most babies at this age will fall asleep after feeding (the "milk-comatose") and we will not disturb them by removing their clothing. Most of the session your baby will be bare with special consideration to pose them in ways that will cover them. Because your baby will be bare, it is important that we keep their environment warm. If we are slightly uncomfortable with the tempeture having clothing on, then your baby will be comfortable with no clothing.  It is very likely that we will have several potty accidents. Everything I use is washed and cleaned. It will be important to keep towels and wipes nearby and spare clothing for parents (just in case). Most of your baby's session will partake when they are sleeping. It is during this time that I am able to move them from pose to pose, prop to prop, and position them without them moving or being disturbed. Don't worry, we will get a few awake shots for you as well if you desire.  Newborn sessions require a lot of patience. Your baby will run the show and we will take several breaks for feeding and consoling. A newborn session will typically 1-2 hours.

What should baby wear for our newborn session?
We can incorporate any sentimental items you may have for your baby that you would like to use in their session. For example, my firefighter clients used their helmet and bunker gear,  my sports fanatic client used their football, baseball glove, etc in which I incorporated these items to pose your newborn baby in. If you have a special knitted item that someone made for you that you want to incorporate, we can do that as well!.
I ask my parents to have extra wipes, extra blankets, their favorite receiving blankets for a possible swaddling image, and a pacifier for soothing, For mom, a tube top or spaghetti strap tank top for a few mommy and baby images that I  will use fabric to wrap you in covering your tank top but exposing your shoulders.

When will our pictures be ready?
 Allow 2-3 weeks for your photos to be completed, however, I strive to finish your photographs within 1-2 weeks of your session date. Your images will be archived for one year from your session date.

*If you should have any further questions, please contact me at tammycedarphotography@gmail.com*

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